Modesto police search for answers in possible homicide

Police are investigating the suspicious death of a 54-year-old Modesto man, and say the case “looks like it’s turning into a homicide.”

The body of Michael John Silveira Sr., was discovered inside the residence at 304 Cloverdale Ave. late Monday afternoon by a Modesto police officer. He was there doing a “security check” after someone called police wondering about Silveira’s whereabouts.

When the officer arrived, he entered the residence through the rear and found Silveira’s body, according to Lt. Chris Fuzie of the Modesto Police Department.

Fuzie said it appeared that Silveira had been dead for at least two days.

After making sure nobody else was inside the home, the officer called detectives.

When detectives and other officers arrived, they discovered what appeared to be fake hand grenades, although they weren’t certain. The Stanislaus County Bomb Squad was called out, and the “grenades” were determined to be fake.

After securing a search warrant, investigators, wearing protective suits because of the stench, entered the home.

Fuzie said he could not confirm a cause of death until the coroner’s office performs an autopsy, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

He said about 15 people, including family members, friends and “visitors,” have been interviewed.

“Right now, we consider anyone a suspect,” he said.

Fuzie wouldn’t go into detail about what was found at the scene, but added that detectives “found something that makes us think it’s a homicide.”

He also said statements from neighbors shed some light, but would not go into detail about what they said.

One neighbor Monday night said there generally seemed to be people arriving at the house late and night or in the early morning hours.

The house is just northeast of the intersection of Yosemite Boulevard and El Vista Avenue.

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