Modesto Council Watch

At its meeting Tuesday, the council voted 6-0 to:

Revamp the city's neighborhood zoning regulations, with a focus on two-story buildings in residential neighborhoods. The ordinance clarifies review procedures, includes guidelines for churches, government facilities and utility companies, sets an 8-foot limit on walls and fences, requires a 10-foot side-yard setback for two-story houses or second-story additions, and requires a 15-foot rear yard for two-story dwellings.

Approve the 2010-11 action plan for community development block grants and other government funding. Modesto will get $2.5 million in community development block grants, $1.3 million in Home Investment Partnership Program grants and $103,064 in emergency shelter grants.

Change Modesto Area Express Route 28 to provide bus service to Gregori High School and the Modesto Institute of Technology and increase service to Salida and Kaiser Modesto Medical Center. The new service will cost $156,000 annually.

Councilman Brad Hawn was absent.