Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors Watch

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to:

Delay a hearing on rules for parking big rigs on farmland. Truckers were irritated at the delay. They'll have to a return to a board meeting in June. The supervisors voted 4-1 to postpone the hearing because four of them own farmland, so voting on rules that could affect the value of their property represents a potential conflict of interest. The same question has surfaced before, and Supervisor Jim DeMartini, who voted against the delay, chided county staff for not preparing for the conflict.

Pay a $1,500 filing fee for county epidemiologist Olivia Tong, who is not an American citizen, to submit a request to extend her work visa for three years. The vote was 3-2, Supervisors DeMartini and Bill O'Brien voted against paying the charge.

In other action, supervisors unanimously:

Agreed to run Hughson's Aug. 24 recall election for an estimated $13,500 to $23,000. The recall targets three council members — Thom Crowder, Doug Humphreys and Ben Manley — accused by the Stanislaus County civil grand jury of violating a state public meetings law by conspiring to fire former City Manager Joe Donabed.

Acknowledged the narrow failure of an effort to establish a Grayson assessment district, meaning Mary Street and its drains won't be rebuilt and street sweeping won't be more frequent.

Set aside an additional $163,000 to cover a gap in children's health services through the end of June. The programs treat people younger than 21 who have cancer, infectious diseases, traumatic injuries and other conditions.

Doubled the price of used books sold at libraries, from 25 cents to 50 cents for paperbacks and from 50 cents to $1 for hardbound books. The higher fees could boost sales from $12,000 to $24,000 a year, a report says.

Established solar panel fees of about $900 for homes and $45,000 for a $20 million solar farm.