Modesto City Council Watch

The Modesto City Council also will consider the following items Tuesday:

Adoption of a five-year series of sewer rate increases. The monthly rate of $24.11 would rise to $24.83 on July 1, with annual increases to $34.41 in July 2014. Officials say the rate hikes are needed to maintain debt coverage and operating reserves for Modesto's waste-water system.

Hold a public hearing on the issuance of California Municipal Finance Authority bonds for a solar energy system at Foster Farms Dairy. The city would have no financial liability if the bonds are approved.

Hold a public hearing on the city's proposal to abandon a portion of Jefferson Street, south of Eighth Street, and the abandonment of two alleys west of Jefferson, for the new bus maintenance facility.

Accept a $15,000 marijuana eradication grant from the federal government for the Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency. The grant pays for marijuana eradication, overtime, training and supplies.

The City Council will meet at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the basement chamber of Tenth Street Place, at 1010 10th St.

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