Modesto Police Department Crime Map (April 12-May 9)

Here is a look at Modesto Police Department crime maps and statistics from April 12-May 9 Click on the crime to see if one occurred in your neighborhood.

Robbery: Defined as a theft from a person or location by means of force or fear. Typically, this would be a suspect armed with a gun or a knife or by using some force to complete the crime. In essence it means someone gave up their own personal property because they feared for their life or injury.

Vehicle Burglary: Requires forced entry into a vehicle (window smash, lock pick etc)

Residential Burglary: A crime where someone entered a residence to commit a theft or any other felony. It does not require forced entry.

Commercial Burglary: Same as above but the crime occurred at a commercial establishment.

Auto Theft: A crime where someone takes a vehicle without permission.

Auto Theft Recovery: Location a vehicle was recovered. It could have been occupied or simply found on the street or alley. The vehicle may have been originally reported to a different law enforcement jurisdiction but the map will reflect all recoveries not just those originally reported stolen to MPD.

For more information on reporting a crime, go to the Modesto Police Department web site or Crimestoppers.

Source: Modesto Police Department