Stanislaus County supervisors lay off 16 community services workers

The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to lay off 16 Community Services Agency workers, all of whom would be offered jobs when 27 new positions are created in a different division, probably in a couple of weeks.

The county is cutting services for children and seniors at risk of abuse or neglect to save money. Welfare payouts and payments to in-home care providers and foster parents — protected by law — would not be affected, but some programs that reduce demand for foster care and nursing homes will be eliminated.

Victoria McDonald said she’s been sober for seven years and praised the agency for helping her stay with her children.

“There are people out there who do succeed,” she said.

The Community Services Agency’s cost-cutting strategy includes giving up $12.5 million in state and federal social services money because the county can’t afford to put up $3.4 million as its share to secure that funding.

“Look at how screwy government funding is,” Supervisor Bill O’Brien said, noting the double-whammy to needy people. The social workers would be laid off in August, but are expected to transfer to positions in job development with salaries entirely paid by state and federal money.