Grant will help NUMMI workers

The state has received a $5 million Employment Development Department grant to help workers who lost their jobs because of the closure of the New United Motors Manufacturing Inc. plant.

The grant is meant to help workers find new skills and careers. It will be administered by work force investment boards in Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and So-lano counties.

The money will go toward career centers in those counties, where former NUMMI workers will have access to job placement and recruitment services, testing, assessment, résumé writing, basic and remedial education, counseling and other assistance.

The Fremont plant employed 4,700 workers before it closed April 1, including 900 in San Joaquin and 300 in Stanislaus counties.

"The closing of the NUMMI plant dealt a painful blow to the longtime productive workers who now find themselves without jobs in the midst of this deep nationwide recession," said Victoria Bradshaw, secretary of the state Labor and Workforce Development Agency in a news release about the grant.

"With this grant we are providing training and employment services to quickly move these skilled and dedicated workers into jobs with bright futures in growing industries."

The grant will provide training for in- demand occupations, including green technology, health care, information technology and biotechnology.

The money comes from the state's Dis- located Worker Funds as part of the federal Workforce Investment Act.

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