33 arrested in meth distribution investigation

More than 300 state and local law enforcement officials on Thursday arrested 33 people suspected of being involved in a Northern California methamphetamine distribution network that is linked to gang-related homicides.

The multiagency operation served 30 search warrants in Stanislaus, Sacramento, Sutter, Yuba and Colusa counties, according to a news release from the state Office of the Attorney General.

On Thursday, authorities seized 24 weapons and more than 11 pounds of illegal drugs.

Called Operation Crimson Tide, the investigation started in January by targeting gangs in Yuba and Sutter counties.

Authorities have since arrested 59 gang members, including those arrested Thursday.

Investigators uncovered the drug distribution network, involving large amounts of meth smuggled into the country from Mexico.

State officials said the investigation helped solve four homicides of Sureño gang members and resulted in the arrests of 26 Norteño gang members and several gang associates.

The suspects are to be prosecuted by the Sacramento County district attorney's office in one comprehensive gang prosecution case.