Caps off to Modesto High School Grads

Modesto High School sent its seniors out into the great wide open Thursday night with a ceremony at the Modesto Junior College stadium.

Levy Castrejon, 18, of Modesto spoke at the commencement ceremony. Castrejon was the sole Language Institute graduate; he moved to Modesto three years ago before knowing any English.

He addressed the graduating class in Spanish, saying "The sixteen languages spoken by graduating seniors reflect the cultural diversity of our campus and California.

I would like to welcome all speakers of Spanish to our graduation."

For the road ahead, Dr. Seuss says it best: "You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

You're on your own.

And you know what you know.

And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go."

One more thing: Don't forget sun block.