Characteristics of Sotos syndrome

Sotos syndrome is named after Dr. Juan F. Sotos, who described the condition in 1964. Sotos syndrome is not life-threatening; people with the syndrome have a normal life expectancy.


Increased length at birth. Increased height, weight, head circumference in childhood.

Characteristic facial features including large head, elongated shape, high forehead, long chin, slightly wide-spaced eyes, which tend to slant downward. Sotos kids look more like each other than their siblings.

Early development delay, especially in gross motor skills because of poor muscle tone.

Behavior problems are common.

Advanced bone age as determined by an X-ray.

Source: gendiagnosis.asp -- This site gives and overview of the genetic condition, plus photos of Sotos syndrome kids. The group that put the site together also sponsors an annual conference for professionals and families to hear experts in genetics, neurology, psychology and education speak about the syndrome.