Stanislaus County Births

The Bee publishes birth information from Kaiser Modesto Medical Center, Memorial Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Oak Valley Hospital. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center, do not provide the information. If a birth is not listed, either ask the hospital to release the information or submit a copy of the birth certificate to The Bee. Families also can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section; for information, call 578-2053.



Kaiser Modesto Medical Center

June 8

MORRIS: Kristine and John

Finkbeiner, Atwater, girl

June 7

LASSITER: Maria and Justin,

Stockton, boy

OCHOA: Amy and Ronald, Modesto, boy

June 6

DUENAS: Laticia and Frank, Stockton, girl

JOHNSON: Stefanie and Andrew, Turlock, twin girls

MARTINEZ: Valerie and Ratana Chhy, Modesto, girl

VEGA: Jennifer and Joshua,

Riverbank, boy

June 5

SEGREST: Karen and Shane, Ripon, boy

June 4

BARRERA: Renee and Ruben, Manteca, girl

CORTES: Holly and Benjamin, Oakdale, girl

XIONG: Cho and Poge Her, Stockton, boy

June 3

LINDHOLM: Mary Janette and Jason, Stockton, boy

RAVAL: Jigisha and Memul, Modesto, boy

Memorial Medical Center

June 8

ALDANA: Leticia and Zachery

Gianotti, Ceres, boy

BAKER: Audrey and Nicholas,

Modesto, girl

GARCIA: Shayna and Ramon Lynn Soliz, Modesto, boy

MORA: Elizabeth and Alex Ramos, Riverbank, boy

RODRIGUEZ: Celena and Eric, Modesto, boy

VILLAVICENCIO: Johanna and Carlos, Ceres, boy

June 7

ROBERTS: Kristen and Brian, Modesto, girl

SPEARS: Jennifer and Eric Gomez, Modesto, girl

TEIXEIRA: Michelle and Johnny, Turlock, boy

June 6

AZEVEDO: Kristy and Adam, Stevinson, girl

DELAGRANDE: Sonia and Angel, Ceres, girl

JUAREZ: Sophia and Juaquin Tafolla, Modesto, boy

KING: Melissa, Tracy, girl

SALVADOR: Brenda and Carvic, Riverbank, girl

TAYLOR: Nikki and Joshua, Hickman, boy

June 5

COPLAND: Shelly and Erik, Oakdale, girl

JIMENEZ: Margarita and Juan Ramos, Turlock, girl

SANCHEZ: Marisela, Modesto, boy

June 4

BEJSOVEC: Denise and Mark, Salida, boy

CHAMPION: Jacquelyn and Winston, Modesto, girl

HOLLAND: Christina and Geoffrey, Hilmar, girl

QUILLEN: Lori and Bradley, Turlock, boy

RIEN: Shelley and Nathan, Oakdale, boy

VARGAS: Heather and Gabriel, Modesto, boy

June 3

AGUILAR: Faustina and Ramiro Ramirez, Modesto, girl

ARREOLA: Graciela and Alan, Modesto, girl

CALDERON: Irene and Enrique, Turlock, boy

CHAFFEE: Stacia and Jason Huitron, Modesto, girl

GONZALEZ: Marissa and Carlos Bernal, Oakdale, boy

HARP: Megan and George, Modesto, girl

TAYLOR: Angela, Modesto, girl

June 2

BRITT: Tammie and Dave, Waterford, girl

CARNE: Kelli and Matthew, Turlock, girl

GRIEPP: Joni and Jeff, Riverbank, boy

HUTTON: Alyssa and Kevin Dehart, Modesto, girl

KING: Jennifer and Ryan, Modesto, boy

LUPERCIO: Teresa and Daniel Nieto, Modesto, girl

VELASCO: Rocio and David, Escalon, girl

YANCEY: Kathryn and Reed, Mariposa, girl

June 1

PEREZ: Linda and Gustavo, Denair, girl

STATZER: Cristyna and Lonnie, Waterford, boy

May 27

JIMENEZ: Monica and Billy Diaz, Modesto, girl


Emanuel Medical Center

June 9

ALCALA: Berenice and Armando Ramirez, Hilmar, boy

HERRERA-ARRIAGA: Oliva and Alejandro Camino, Delhi, boy

LOPEZ: Alejandra, Turlock, girl

MUNOZ: Alejandra and Horazio, Turlock, boy

PEREZ: Perla, Turlock, girl

June 8

BEEKMAN: Sarah and Matthew, Hughson, boy

CHAVEZ: Isabelle, Turlock, girl

HAWKINSON: Jill and Tim, Turlock, boy

MEZA: Maria, Turlock, boy

NEELY: Kathleen, Turlock, girl

RODRIGUEZ: Maricela, Winton, boy

VAZQUEZ: Rocio and Jorge, Turlock, boy

June 7

BAILEY: Julie and Shane, Modesto, boy

GARCIA: Monica, Livingston, girl

SANCHEZ: Christen and Asa, Turlock, girl

June 5

SZUGGAR: Jennifer and Walter, Waterford, girl

June 4

ALVAREZ: Juanita, Livingston, boy

SMITH: Mirriam and Peter, Winton, girl

June 3

CASTRO: Maria and Jesus, Delhi, girl