Not so sweet: Suspected Modesto candy burglars in jail

Two suspected candy burglars are in custody at the Stanislaus County Jail today after Modesto police followed a chocolaty trail to one of the suspect’s homes.

John Se, 29, and Dushan Aranda, 28, are suspected of breaking into Best Electric at 1322 Seventh Street around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, according to Modesto Police Department spokesman Sgt. Rick Armendariz.

The suspects were caught on surveillance video breaking the shop’s window and entering the building, where they grabbed a 25-pound candy machine filled with Skittles and two types of M&M’s, according to Best Electric manager Martin Harris.

Using the video, police got a description of the suspects and their get-away vehicle — an older model 1960s Chevy pickup.

About three hours after the break-in, a Modesto police community service officer spotted the vehicle near the intersection of Second and H streets, Armendariz said.

A police officer was called to the area and eventually stopped the vehicle in the 100 Block of Pine Street.Officers found candy in the bed of the Chevy. They detained the suspects and went to Se’s house in the 100 block of Pine Street.

Candy in the area formed a trail that led to Se’s front door, police said.

He and Aranda were both on probation so police searched the house, where they found the candy machine that had been cracked open and its money removed.

The two suspects were booked into the Stanislaus county jail for probation violation and suspicion of burglary.