Modesto car thieves detoured by monks, boredom at sex toy party

Two car thieves are going to prison: One thanks to help from Buddhist monks, the other because he got bored at a sex toy party.

Xyeem Yang, 20, of Modesto was sentenced to two years in prison after an officer saw Yang under the hood of the engine compartment of a stolen vehicle at the Sangharam Monastery parking lot in Ceres in August, prosecutors said Wednesday.

The monks said they did not know Yang, who admitted to stealing the car in order to remove the catalytic converter and sell it for $80, authorities said.

A judge sentenced Jason Brandon Benson, 35, of Modesto to five years in prison for stealing his ex-girlfriend’s Honda Accord at a “pleasure party” at Modesto’s Tiki Lounge on Oct. 13.

According to prosecutors, Benson got bored and told his ex-girlfriend he was going to smoke outside. About 30 minutes later, she noticed her keys, her car and Benson were missing.

Benson was stopped by officers later that evening. He claimed his ex-girlfriend loaned him the vehicle but could not explain how she was to get back home from the bar.