Fire temporarily closes Modesto senior care center

Miller’s Place, which provides day care for about 70 Alzheimer’s patients and other frail seniors, is closed after an early morning fire Monday.

The fire destroyed an approximately 20-foot-by-40-foot storage shed behind the facility but there is extensive smoke damage in the main building. That makes it unsafe for clients until the smoke is removed from the furniture, carpets and other items.

Officials said Monday afternoon the center would be closed for at least two weeks. They suspect someone had broken into the shed to get out of the cold and started a fire. The shed stored food, water and supplies.

The building was unoccupied when the fire broke out about 1 a.m., and no one was hurt.

The McHenry Avenue facility offers Alzheimer’s day care for about 15 people a day and adult day health care for about 50 people who have dementia, are partially paralyzed from a stroke or have other infirmities that prevent them from living independently.

People bring their parents or grandparents or other family members to Miller’s Place because they work during the day and can’t look after them, or in order to get a break from caring for an infirm loved one.