What's being said about pornography

"The myth about porn is that it frees the libido and gives men an outlet for sexual expression that liberates mind and body. This is truly a myth. I have found that not only does pornography not liberate men, but on the contrary is a source of bondage."

— U.S. attorney general's 1986 report on pornography

"Porn is a whispered promise. It promises more sex, better sex, endless sex, sex on demand, more intense orgasms, experiences of transcendence. Time spent with porn prevents the user from engaging in real relationships with real people who can better meet their needs."

— William M. Struthers, neuroscientist and author of "Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain"

"The deceit is just a part of the addiction. I know if I'm talking to a sex addict, I'm talking to a liar. It's just how quickly this person is going to come clean. Addiction requires deceit in order to survive."

— Russell Willingham, New Creation Ministries, Fresno

"Forget the red-light district or adult bookstore. Pornography has entered homes via the Internet more pervasively and subtly than any store or strip club ever did. The irony is that if an X-rated store was being established across the street from where you worship, you'd have a committee assembled to fight it immediately. Yet they've set up shop in the homes of millions of our friends in the church while we remain mute and passive."

— The Rev. Chuck Swindoll, internationally known pastor

"Porn doesn't have a demographic. It goes across all demographics."

— Paul Fishbein, founder of "Adult Video News," a trade publication

"Pornography is mere 'expression' only in the trivial sense that a fall from the Empire State building is a mere stumble — since it's hitting the ground that's fatal."

— Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, testifying before Senate subcommittee in 2004