Two-time Oscar winner offers advice to Modesto's Renner

Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey offered some advice to Modesto’s Jeremy Renner as the two shared an embrace on the Red Carpet this afternoon.

“Just have fun and find the bar as quickly as you can,” Spacey said.

The two shared the moment as E! host Ryan Seacrest was transitioning out of an interview with Renner and into one with Spacey about an hour before the awards show began.

For the second straight year, Renner is up for an Oscar, nominated for a best supporting actor award for his role in “The Town.”

On the Red Carpet with his mom, Modesto’s Valerie Cearley, Renner stopped by to chat with Seacrest.

Here’s the interview:

Seacrest: “In the movie you play a tough Bostonian. You’re not from that area.”

Renner: “No, I’m from Northern California.”

Seacrest: “How did the locals react to your performance. Did you get any feedback from that part of the world?”

Renner: “Yeah, yeah. That’s probably the highest compliment you can get is invading their town and trying to become one of them. I got some really high compliments from some of the locals.”

Seacrest then asked him about his next two films, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and “The Avengers.”

He then wished Renner “Good luck.”

Renner, who has lost the same award in other pre-Oscar competitions to Christian Bale from “The Fighter,” replied: “Thank you. I need a lot of it.”