Coroner's office identifies body found in Modesto's Dry Creek

The Stanislaus County coroner’s office this afternoon identified the body of a woman found floating in Dry Creek on Sunday.

Laurel Kaadie Perrin, 55, of Modesto, was found in shallow water about a quarter-mile east of the footbridge between Kewin and Moose Parks, according to Modesto police Sgt. Rick Armendariz.

A cause of death has not been determined but the Modesto police are considering it a “suspicious death.”

Detectives have reason to believe Perrin had visited La Loma and Thousand Oaks Park on Sunday. Lt. Gary Watts said there was no sign of trauma, such as wounds caused by a beating, stabbing or shooting.

A woman who came to the door of an address listed for Perrin wouldn’t talk about her or the case.

Detectives are asking anyone who might have seen her to call Detective Jon Evers at 572-9534.