Ripon residents offered catalytic converter protection

Ripon residents looking to protect their Toyota pickups from copper thieves can have identifying numbers etched into their catalytic converters Saturday at Les Schwab Tire Center. The event is free and is geared toward Toyota pickups and sport utility vehicles, which are prime targets because of their high ground clearance and installation design of the catalytic converter, according to Ripon police. Thieves steal catalytic converters because they contain small amounts of metals such as copper that can be sold to recyclers for profit. To help deter these thefts, Ripon police and Les Schwab Tire Center will etch the vehicle's license plate number on the catalytic converters. The etching can help police identify the stolen auto part and prosecute the thieves. Operation Etch and Catch will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Les Schwab, 750 N. Jack Tone Road.