The Buzz: On Good Friday, Jerry Brown grants 63 pardons

Brown rewards changed lives with 63 pardons

Gov. Jerry Brown announced 63 pardons on Good Friday, the vast majority of the recipients convicted of long-ago drug crimes.

The people pardoned, Brown wrote, have “lived an honest and upright life, exhibited good moral character” and been law-abiding citizens.

More than two-thirds were convicted for selling, transporting or manufacturing controlled substances. Other convictions included burglary, vehicle theft, and evading a police officer. Only one of the crimes, a 1982 purse theft in Los Angeles County, involved the threatened use of a gun. Constance Clark was convicted of robbery, served eight months in prison, and has stayed out of trouble since.

“Indeed, Ms. Clark is active in her church, and volunteers her time there,” Brown wrote.

Friday’s order did not mention Easter or religion. But since returning to the statehouse in 2011, the seminary-trained governor has announced blanket pardons near major days on the Christian calendar.

On Christmas Eve last year, Brown announced pardons for 127 people. On the day before Easter last year, Brown pardoned 65 people. He announced 79 pardons on Christmas Eve in 2012.

– Jim Miller

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“Nothing like standing up in front of 200 people to present a certificate of recognition and after you sit back down (realize) that your zipper was down. #fail”