The Buzz: Independent expenditures approaching $3 million in California races

Independent spending surges in Assembly race

Unions, real estate agents, dentists and other special interests already have spent close to $3 million on independent efforts in legislative and statewide contests, with more than a month to go until the June 3 primary.

The 16th Assembly District in the East Bay has seen $1.3 million in independent expenditures, more than five times as in any other contest. In California, donors can bypass contribution limits and spend unlimited amounts on behalf of – or against – a candidate, as long as they don’t coordinate with the campaigns. The practice is becoming increasingly popular – more than $20 million was spent two years ago.

In the 16th District, the California Teachers Association and California Council of Service Employees has spent more than $326,000 backing Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti and $64,000 opposing Orinda Councilman Steve Glazer.

But the California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee has spent more than $797,000 supporting Glazer, who also has received independent support from California charter schools ($108,716) and the Chamber of Commerce’s JobsPAC ($48,042).

– Jim Miller

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