The Buzz: Neel Kashkari drops another $1 million into governor's race

Kashkari adds a million

to his campaign effort

Republican Neel Kashkari has dropped another $1 million into his run for governor, his campaign said Friday, redoubling his efforts as he tries to make up ground on GOP rival Tim Donnelly.

Kashkari has now donated $2 million to his campaign, accounting for about half of all money he has reported raising. It also represents a personally significant sum. Kashkari, who previously said he did not intend to self-finance, put his net worth at less than $5 million before the campaign began.

Despite greatly outspending Donnelly, Kashkari lags behind the Twin Peaks assemblyman in public opinion polls. They are the two main Republicans bidding to unseat Gov. Jerry Brown, a third-term Democrat widely expected to finish first in the June primary election. The top two finishers advance to a runoff election in the fall.

Kashkari, a moderate on social issues, has tailored his initial TV ads and campaign literature to appeal to conservative Republicans likely to vote in the primary election. He has been endorsed by prominent Republicans, but Donnelly, a tea party favorite, enjoys the support of many rank-and-file members of the party's base.

– David Siders

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