Colossal spinning ice disk in city’s river brings out the curious

A new moon has been discovered in the City of Westbrook, Maine. Actually, it’s a large rotating circle of ice on the Presumpscot River, but that’s what it looks like to the city’s residents.

The drone video above shows the ice disk, which can be seen from the River Walk near Ash Street or behind the Bank of America, according to the city, which is encouraging people to come down, take a selfie with the circle of ice and visit a restaurant while they’re are in the area.[0]=68.ARD49rvRY887-WfNHiCnO3czkPMlISVFyJNd9wEVAnONmvEpeGuyzF3Dv9Fe4lBCO2DhAA7rs27qUAL_pTg_0RNNX358TQnFs5ZvIg9AGIHLGRCxVi1JP0EsGdvfyNy62wCtsLbAvusk8WdxN_SJDcK5xEVagZv4_02FkUWPkehESCQ_2iXpMAXP5bTQdSWAtfK1IgTyF1aaxdQQ_SJKQhBHigQFLGSc2fEqmFhTi_nKT7VTNs9y47Kx1kZITc_UoPTfAjPuH6owRUFwXszpiAUNLxwZqp4VCxrLAgMhyCUevZOYGv44Pk4n5f8RsIRjfs2L51mRBiO1tyXL7wlSP9HDJA&__tn__=-R

“It looks like the moon has landed in Westbrook!” the city wrote on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

The disc is about 300 feet in diameter, The Portland Press Herald reports.

“It kind of looks like a crop circle,” Doug Bertlesman, a web developer at Ethos Marketing, told the Press Herald. “It’s pretty wild to look at. It’s certainly not every day that you can watch a spinning circle of ice in the river.”

Really, though, what exactly is this chunk of curiosity?

The city called it an “amazing naturally occurring phenomenon.”

Apparently, the ice disk is powered by the cold river’s slow current. The occurrence isn’t new, according to CNET, which cites an 1895 issue of Scientific American magazine that speaks of a “revolving ice cake” on the Mianus River in New York.