Letter: Guns and criminals

Editor: In the Sun-Star's editorial of Wednesday, "Deaths of 4 officers raise questions," you ask the question, "How do we get guns out of the hands of criminals?"

Assault weapons is a misnomer used by the anti-rights crowd and governments to make feel-good laws. Laws that as you can see by the shooting of four Oakland officers, don't work to stop crime. The question should be: How do we keep all firearms out of the hands of criminals?

The way to combat this type of illegal use and illegal purchase of all weapons is for:

1. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the state Attorney General's Office to go after the illegal purveyors of such weapons rather than wasting their time closing legitimate firearms businesses for minor paperwork errors, which seems to be all they can do.

2. Burglaries of firearms stores and other burglaries where firearms are taken should be given top priority by the authorities.

3. Use the federal laws that puts convicted felons in jail for very long periods of time for just the possession of a firearm of any kind: "Project Exile and Trigger Lock II."

4. Stop district attorneys from using our firearms laws as plea-bargaining chips to get convictions on other crimes.

5. Enact state laws that put convicted felons and validated gang members, who use or possess a firearm, in prison for a minimum of 10 years and that they must serve all 10 years and that the sentence cannot be served concurrent with any other sentence.