Allan R. Schell: Kicking the can once more

Well, the game of chicken is over and, as usual, the Republicans blinked! I guess I have to concede that the Democrats and Obama are just better politicians. But it is tough to fight against fear and lies and biased media and "the experts" that predicted default would be the end of the world.

I remember the disasters that were inevitable with the year 2000. Computers would dissolve, airplanes would fall from the sky, civilization would revert to the Stone Age. But let us not forget the biggest fraud, the "threat" of global warming! Boo!

But do we really believe that "the deal" on the default will result in any tangible improvement? The "bipartisan" committee will actually cut expenses? The funniest part of the whole proposition was the idea that trillions would be cut over the next 10 years! Congress and the president can hardly agree on a budget for one year, let alone 10 years. So kick the can down the road once more.