Letters to the Editor

Christina Lux and Erica Ibarra: Stand with our children and their right to play – safely

Two weeks ago, our Junior Giants games and practices were canceled because of shootings in Planada near the elementary school. In the past two weeks there have been six drive-by shootings. This week, we coaches and parents are back out on the baseball field with our kids. We believe our kids deserve to play ball without fear and to the noise of cheers from the stands, not gunshots.

When we think about children’s rights, the right to play might not jump to the top of the list. The right to food, water, shelter, healthcare, education and freedom from harm all seem like they should come first.

But we have all watched our children grow, heal, build friendships and make hope for the future through play. And often, through their play, we adults are reminded of what’s important in our lives – our families, our friends, being able to laugh at our mistakes, or be in total awe of a home run.

As coaches and parents we are out here on the field these hot summer nights standing for our kids’ right to play. We are asking all of you to stand with us, all of you. Whether you are a teacher or a construction worker, whether you are gang-affiliated or a police officer, whether you are a priest or a farmworker, let’s make space for our kids to play. Come out and watch them play!

Christina Lux, Junior Giants Team Parent, Planada

Erica Cabrera, Junior Giants Coach, Planada