Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Thrift store was losing money

Editor: As executive director of administration for Hinds Hospice, I am writing to provide additional information and to express our regret for not being able to respond in a timely manner to Sun-Star reporter Carol Reiter, who wrote an article regarding the closing of the Hinds Hospice Thrift Store in Merced.

The mission of Hinds Hospice is "to uphold the dignity and ease the suffering of the terminally ill while supporting their loved ones, and those who are grieving," We are honored to serve all individuals in Merced, Madera and Fresno counties, regardless of their ability to pay for services, and we thank every community member for their trust and generosity.

Even though hospice care is reimbursable for most patients, there remains a significant monetary shortfall annually. To provide quality care at the Hinds Hospice level of excellence to patients and their families, Hinds Hospice relies on community volunteer involvement, grants, fundraisers, donations and proceeds from our thrift stores.

Unfortunately, their Merced thrift store has experienced a loss of more than $10,000 during the past year. Out of respect to our mission and the generosity of the donors who support our mission of care to the terminally ill, we believe it is not appropriate to continue losing money in any thrift store when that money could be supporting patient care.

We know that the Hinds Hospice thrift stores provide a valuable service to the communities we serve. With increased community support, we hope to find a more affordable storefront and a strengthened volunteer base, and with increased community support we sincerely hope to be able to open another Hinds Hospice thrift store in Merced in the near future.


Executive director of administration, Hinds Hospice, Fresno