Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: RMP-county relations strong

Editor: I am writing in response to a news article that appeared in the Sun-Star on Sept. 13, authored by Corinne Reilly. Riverside Motorsports Park certainly agrees that recent discussions with the county have been productive, but disagrees with any suggestion that relations between RMP and the county have been strained.

While RMP did initially have numerous questions related to the county's billing and accounting practices, those questions have been answered. The county and RMP are now working together to develop a process for RMP's payment of future county services. Although the county apparently commented that the planning department's "stay" of work on RMP's behalf remains in effect, it should be noted that RMP currently has no applications pending before the planning department. Both the county and RMP have agreed that the new process for RMP's payment of county services will be developed before RMP requests action from the planning department.

In the meanwhile, there is plenty of activity in furtherance of the RMP project. The county with the assistance of our legal team is actively defending the lawsuits that challenge the county's approval of the RMP Master Plan last year. It is our hope that the court will address the lawsuits by the end of this calendar year. Additionally, the county Public Works Department is working with our engineers on the new Riverside Drive/Fox Road realignment.

With the proper approvals from the county, it is further our hope that construction on these roadways can proceed by the end of the calendar year as well. If anyone has any comments or questions regarding our progress to date, please visit our Web site at www.rmpracing.com and click on our Development Update and Full Disclosure links, or you can call me at 209/383-7671 ext. 304.


Vice president of operations, Riverside Motorsports Park