Letters to the Editor

Letters: Freeloaderville

Editor: Here we go again with the "poor me" attitude of the state Assembly, Senate and now the governor. We continue to put idiots and ignorant people in our state government.

Thanks to the few true conservatives we don't have another lopsided, overspent budget passed. If it weren't for those few in Sacramento we would be paying more taxes to pay for the mistakes of the idiot liberals and our not-too-bright governor.

They passed all these idiot bills that have run businesses out of our state. They have passed more idiotic bills that will reduce the amount of tax monies coming in and drive more businesses into bankruptcy. One hundred thousand taxpayers left the state last year. California is becoming known as the state to come to if you are a freeloader.

I hear things like, "Everybody has to pay their fair share." If that is a true statement why aren't the freeloaders paying their share?

Why do we give tax rebates to people who don't pay taxes?

It sounds to me we just did the same not so smart thing in the federal government. We elected idiots and ignorant people to represent us in Washington.

Redistribution of wealth? Where do they get the money when we are all driven to welfare by idiot elected officials.

With all of this, the great and glorious minds in our governments can't figure out why we are in the mess we are in.