Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lips should zip it

Editor: Re: Friday's Loose Lips column in the Sun-Star, don't be smack-talking our very own Sheriff Mark Pazin by intimating he is less than generous. Obviously, you spit out your attempt at humor on this one without first doing any journalistic research.

When it comes to giving away time, talent and treasure for the advancement of Merced County, Mark Pazin -- and his extended family -- have been at the helm of local charitable giving and nonprofit endeavors for several generations.

As to Sheriff Pazin being some kind of "publicity hound." To that I say: I'd rather have a loud-barking dog, who earns respect throughout the law-enforcement community all over this nation for us Mercedians, than a whimpering, whining paper-trained puppy who, just because he buys ink by the barrel, thinks he can malign anybody and call it humor.

Sheriff Pazin's innovative and highly effective approaches to fighting gangs and the extraordinary volunteer time he spends developing programs for our youth, with the goal of ending the plague of drugs here, rightly deserve much more space, and lots more pictures.

So, zip it, Lips.