Letters to the Editor

Letter: Great column

Editor: Kudos to Sports Editor James Burns for his column July 28 on the Brooks & Dunn video featuring the Redskins of Chowchilla.

Yes, he's a sports writer and does a great job covering sporting events. However, it was very refreshing to see a writer stand up and take notice on what one writer said was just "a made-up story."

This writer also said, "It's life as it does happen."

Unfortunately, we as a society have become so numb and nonchalant about issues such as teen sex and pregnancy and so now, it's life as it does happen? Wow, I guess by saying it is all around us makes it right. Then I guess violence, crime, drug use and other social issues should just be accepted because that's just the way things are.

Sorry, but messages in songs do reach some impressionable minds and we shouldn't always condone them just because they are "entertainment."

So, James -- thanks for speaking up and showing some concern.