Letters to the Editor

FRANCES SANDERS: Our voices silenced

Editor: Last year, I wrote to you about the dangers of allowing big corporations to interfere in our government and direct our paid-off legislators to vote for their interests instead of obeying the will of the people.

As you can see, there is a clear example of this in Wisconsin.

The middle-class Americans have had their voices silenced by two billionaire brothers.

They own land, corporations and radio stations and have used all of these assets to try to break up all unions. We can no longer be heard because money talks, and we don't have money.

In the past, we could always comfort ourselves with the fact that we could straighten things out through our vote. But our votes are being influenced by these superpowers who have denied us the right to seek the truth.

Some of us will not be convinced that we are being taken over by the rich and powerful until we are hurt personally. One may say that these things can't happen in a democracy. But think of recent purchases you may have bought, and why and how you were persuaded to buy them. If it works for commercials, it can work for controlling our government.