Letters to the Editor

Big Oil Ahead

Editor: And the price of gasoline goes up and up and up.

Now the culprit is Libya, where turmoil is disrupting that country's oil production. As always, Big Oil is way ahead of the potential problems with the production of crude. The curious thing about this is, Libya is only supplying 2 percent of the world's crude and its shutdown probably wouldn't be noticed if it wasn't convenient for Big Oil to use as an excuse to jack up the price.

The other thing is, Big Oil is always ahead of whatever happens around the world to the crude business, and uses this as an excuse to increase prices. Now that the Suez Canal problem didn't pan out, it had to hurry to find another trouble spot to justify ripping off the public.

The press and TV don't help either because they prepare the public for what is to come, thereby making it easier for Big Oil since the public is already forewarned and expecting the increase.



Editor's note: These two letters were written for UC Merced professor Lara Kueppers' environmental science and policy class