Letters to the Editor

Where's choice?

Editor: The ad in the Tuesday Sun-Star, "You can name the stadium," causes concern, especially for the judgment of the Merced Union High School District board of trustees.

It lays out the criteria for naming the stadium plus the procedure for getting the suggested names processed through the naming system.

What is troubling is the statement that it can be named after a business depending on the "initial financial contribution" of the business and "contributing annual sponsorship" donations.

I can just see the process going something like this:

Chairman: "What is your name?"

Presenter: "Ernie Dingheimer."

Chairman: "What is your suggested name for the stadium?"

Presenter: "Dingheimer Distribution and Customer Gouging Center Stadium."

Chairman: "That's awfully wordy and it doesn't have any pizzazz. Why should we select that name?"

Presenter: "Because I have a check in hand for one million dollars payable to the MUHSD."

Chairman: "The rest of you folks can just run along now since I think the trustees have made their decision in favor of Mr. Dingheimer."

The trustees shouldn't make the public feel they have a choice.