Letters to the Editor

Stop the madness

Editor: Mayor Bill Spriggs ought to re-evaluate his rushing a sales tax hike to ballot now that the Wal-Mart distribution center is coming.

When the future looks gloomy and is unlikely to change, it's one thing for $25,000 consultants to "educate" taxpayers into accepting a second sales tax increase in less than five years to partially solve the

$5 million spending gap.

It's quite another thing to raise taxes when our Wal-Mart distribution center clearly is going to break ground here shortly.

That project brings millions of dollars in development and construction fees immediately. It's projected to bring an estimated $3 million in tax revenues annually.

Money spent in Merced by Wal-Mart distribution center workers and their families will lift up other local businesses and service providers, which will stimulate true investment. That growth spells local prosperity.

Our council cannot honestly believe increased sales taxes the public will be locked into for future decades will create prosperity or have any positive impact on Merced's economy.

After some five years anticipating the arrival of our Wal-Mart distribution center, the court has deemed it to become a reality. That changes everything.

There's no compelling reason for the mayor to beg for more taxes now.

Write, call, e-mail Merced Council members that this tax upsurge is not what voters want.


co-founder Merced Voters Promoting Common Sense,