Letters to the Editor

Benefits of unions

Editor: I write with a concern for the numerous complaints leveled against teachers and their unions. Wisconsin and other places target teachers in their efforts to take away rights for collective bargaining. Wisconsin's governor says he wants the taxpayers to have a voice. Don't teachers fall under that category?

Teachers are significant taxpayers. There are some teaching jobs in jeopardy. This isn't good for our county. Those teachers and their families deserve to have a union that tries to protect jobs. In these difficult economic times, teacher unions do more than just protect jobs. They also protect the integrity of children's education from the chopping block of politicians and bureaucrats.

Our American system is based on an elegant system of checks and balances, so that no one branch of government gets more power than another. Likewise, unions help balance the work force by allowing regular people to prevent "the haves" from unfairly using "the have- nots."

Unions have aided millions of Americans in maintaining a standard of living in the middle class. One must remember that 40-hour weeks, health benefits, overtime pay and weekends with families are the result of unionization.