Letters to the Editor

Nathan Sweem: Only check and balance

While we are conveniently distracted by foreign enemies, we are more and more vulnerable to domestic ones. Not home-grown terrorists, but our own public servants.

As easy as it may be to think so, our government is not automatically trustworthy just because they are fighting evil people. Our government is not as bad as in some other countries, but it won't stay that way on its own.

There are plenty of good people working in government, intelligence, military, and law enforcement, but what will happen when those good people are outnumbered or gone completely? Our nation was created with the historical understanding that government is a necessary evil and that a government without limits will eventually expand and abuse its power. The restrictions that we put on our government won't enforce themselves. As soon as we turn a blind eye to our republic, it will begin to fade into memory. It will be a whole lot easier to maintain than to try and take it back once it's lost. We the people are the only true check and balance of all the branches of government.