Letters to the Editor

Barbara Scott: Thanks to all of you

I want to thank all of the great Samaritans who helped when my husband did a face plant in the parking lot in front of El Asadero restaurant. First was the man who reached him before I did and kept him talking while yelling out to call 911. Then there was the pickup truck driver who stopped, hopped out and called 911 and talked to them until the ambulance arrived. There was the other man who called 911 until he realized the duplication. There was the woman who went into the restaurant to get some towels to put under his head as he was bleeding. Was she the one who went to wave the ambulance down when it tried to find us in the wrong parking lot? All of you, thank you so much.

My husband had been choking on a bite of food and went outside to avoid upsetting our dinner. He tripped or something and fell on his face causing a large gash. He is stitched up and fine, other than a headache. I am so glad you were there.