Letters to the Editor

Cannon Michael: Water rally a positive step

It’s no secret that our water system is severely broken, but denying water rights and reallocating water is not the answer. And though our voices have been heard by the state Water Resources Control Board, continued action and pressure is still needed to ensure water deliveries to our Central Valley farmers.

Water is the Central Valley’s lifeblood. The state water board must understand that withholding water would cause catastrophic consequences, including fallowed farmland, skyrocketing unemployment and an increasingly unstable and costly food supply in our Central Valley, our state and beyond.

Eliminating our water deliveries is not only foolish, it’s dangerous.

This rally – and those who attended – caused state leaders to take immediate action. This is a positive first step, but in order to protect our water rights and water, we must remain united and stand together. Our Central Valley depends on it.


president, Bowles Farming Co.

Los Banos