Letters to the Editor

Jose F. Ovalle: Obamacare bad deal for everyone

In the letter “Obamacare a good thing” (March 24), the writer praises Obamacare and vilifies Republicans for being rich and unconcerned about anything but their wealth. This Democratic party line has been propagated by President Barack Obama ever since the law was passed. However, there are many wealthy Democrats, including California’s senators and both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

The Obamacare law has affected many Americans in a negative way. Over 5 million people have lost their insurance coverage, young people’s insurance rates are skyrocketing and they are reluctant to purchase it. It forces people to receive care they don’t need and to pay for services that go against their moral principles, especially abortion-inducing drugs and abortion on demand. Congress has tried to correct the problem, but the Democratic Senate refuses to even try to collaborate with the Congress in this problem.

The cost of this legislation is staggering, and the middle class is going to have to pay for it. Under this president and the liberal politicians, our country is rapidly deteriorating, not only financially, but morally. And sadly, this isn’t the America that we all knew and loved.