Letters to the Editor

Wayne Wallace: Annex Atwater project

Atwater needs to be responsible to its citizens. I have recently resigned as a volunteer to write the Atwater utility newsletter. In speaking at City Council meetings, I have criticized the Chamber of Commerce and the council. Being actively involved since 1963 in the city of Merced and Merced County committees, facts are that both the council and chamber in Atwater need to be more responsible to the citizens.

The water emergency, sign ordinance and new fire engine are three examples of what needs to be completed without long delays.

The article by Thaddeus Miller in the March 29 Sun-Star noted a “202-acre multiuse project” planned for the southeast corner of Atwater “just outside the city limit,” which means that if it is built, the sales tax will go to the county.

Why is the city not encouraging annexation of this site?

Of course, Atwater has no money and the people who got us there want to run for office again in November along with people who agree with them. If Atwater does not encourage new business and new money it will become a ghost town. Dig deep and find that money, council.