Letters to the Editor

Tim Karr: Get to serious business, leave sign twirlers alone

It was reassuring to see that the Atwater city leaders are addressing the really important issues and that the Sun-Star’s lead story on “Atwater to outlaw sign-twirlers?” (Page A1, March 31) was front-page news. Really. The notion that these folks are obstructing the view of drivers or creating a public safety issue is ridiculous. They twirl a 2-foot-by-3-foot sign and stand on the sidewalk. As for distracting drivers, they probably don’t even notice since they’re so busy on their cell phones or texting. As Police Chief Frank Pietro said, “I can’t remember once that we’ve had an accident caused by them.”

The sign-twirler quoted in the story should be commended for his effort to make a few bucks at a less-than-ideal job. What’s next, Lady Liberty or the pizza guys promoting their business? And as far as city image goes, these folks add character. So, Atwater leaders, maybe you can focus on the serious issues and give the Merced Sun-Star a more worthy headline.