Letters to the Editor

Frank Delgado: Open window on Merced PD

Thank you to the Sun-Star writers for an informative article, “Police work records should be made public” (Opinions, March 24).

As the Sun-Star stated: “But we also don’t want to live in a world where those who fail to live by the laws they’ve been sworn to uphold can hide from the public.” And, “Police officers wield great power, and the overwhelming majority do their jobs well. But when that power is unaccountable to the public, bad things happen.”

There is a serious lack of transparency within the Merced Police Department leadership. The alternative should be a citizens review board; it should be put in place and make recommendations.

Chief Norm Andrade, do you agree with this proposal?

The major concern is that the Merced City Council is more than aware of the issues within the Merced Police Department, but they choose to remain mute. Council members, I am asking you to make your response publicly and answer the question: Why?