Letters to the Editor

John Lutz: Rancher stands up to federal intimidation

Every American who loves our Constitution should thank rancher Cliven Bundy, his family and every God-loving, patriotic citizen who came to their defense against a bully federal government who tried to intimidate and steal cattle from land his family grazed for over 140 years.

In the end, Bundy is the last rancher standing against an overwhelming and over-armed federal government, who previously succeeded in intimidating many other Nevada ranchers. In the face of overpowering odds, Bundy stood down the federal government, in essence saying, “from my cold dead hands!” He proved in the greatest American tradition, standing your ground is alive and well. Also, that when Americans stand their ground, we see bullies for who they really are – cowards!

For far too long, Americans have cowtowed (no pun intended) to an all-powerful federal government and environmental lobby over spotted owls, fairy shrimp, smelt, global warming, water rights, coal and, more recently, fracking and cow flatulence. People create flatulence too; are we next?

This is only round one. This administration has been badly humiliated. That ain’t going to go over well.

For now, the all important lesson from Bundy is: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”