Letters to the Editor

Dan McLeod: Thank a soldier or police officer

I watched the Fort Hood memorial service. If the “Final Roll Call” and taps do not bring a tear to your eye you must have no heart. Every American should take a moment to thank a soldier or veteran when in line at the store, passing in a parking lot or wherever else the opportunity presents itself. We should not forget our first responders and law enforcement.

In particular, we should thank law enforcement, who sometimes get lost in the shuffle. These are the men and women who put their lives on the line and protect us on a daily basis. Parents should encourage their children to have positive interactions with law enforcement, giving them a greater understanding of community and service in an ever-changing world.

Most people never realize that while the military defends our freedoms, law enforcement is the first guardian of the Constitution. Almost every aspect of their work is dictated and controlled by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Without their strict adherence and dedication to upholding our rights, all the judges, lawyers and courts in the country would become meaningless.