Letters to the Editor

Frank Granata: John Paul II protected criminal priests

Maureen Dowd’s column (Page A5, April 24) on Pope John-Paul II not being qualified for sainthood should have included two of his confidential letters to his bishops illustrating the Vatican’s role in saying that Canon Law supersedes civil law, as reported by The Associated Press’ Victor L. Simpson on July 26, 2011. The first letter in 1997 was an enforcement warning the Irish bishops that the 1996 Child Protection Policy enacted by Parliament that all sexual abuse was to be reported to the police was in violation of Canon Law. In 1998, the same Papal Bull on Canon Law’s dominance was read to the bishops councils of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

This demonstrates the depth of involvement by the Vatican through its bishops to circumvent civil edicts with theocratic directives weighing on facets of secular societies, including the role of these directives as barriers to health care to those of differing doctrinal influence. Arch( criminal)bishop Roger Mahony followed suit.