Letters to the Editor

John Lutz: Bundy’s comments 'clearly not racist'

The liberal New York Times recently labeled rancher Cliven Bundy a racist for comments made regarding descendents of slaves. Cowardly conservative politicians and commentators hurriedly abandoned defense of Bundy at the first sign of the race card. Bundy’s “racist” comments, viewed by anyone with as much as a fifth-grade education or even a modicum of common sense, were clearly not racist. He simply asked a rhetorical question. Are those descendants of slaves who live in the abyss of alcohol, drugs, crime and violence, in vermin-infested government-subsidized housing or prisons, and “slaves” to government largess, better off? Or, were their proud slave ancestors, who believed in the family unit, education and epitomized spiritual and moral character, better off? Black conservative descendents, aka “Uncle Toms,” who did cling to their ancestral values escaped slavery.

The real racists are white liberal demagogues who pander and victimize blacks and other minorities to divide our nation by constantly bombarding conservatives with incendiary racist charges. Case in point, the ink was barely dry on the New York Times slander piece when the Chicago Sun-Times compared “black Republicans” to Jewish Nazi collaborators. Following outrage from the Jewish community, the Sun-Times apologized – but not to black Republicans, who were the real targets.