Letters to the Editor

Lee Haugen: Lunney best for sheriff

Noted journalist Eric Sevareid once wrote “there are two kinds of politicians, those who want to be something and those who want to do something.” Of the candidates for sheriff, only Pat Lunney has demonstrated over and over again that he is a “doer” and not just another political figurehead.

Conversely, the two sergeants running against him, while undoubtedly well intended, have for their model and mentor an individual who was characterized as the “best retail politician in the county.” A model and mentor who, when credit was due his department, would grab the nearest microphone and the credit with equal alacrity; but, when criticism was leveled against the department, would invariably assign a “department spokesman” to take the hit. A model and mentor who, while maybe not the architect of the dysfunctional divisions within his department, was certainly the enabler.

On Election Day, we voters of Merced County are going to hire someone at a substantial, six-figure salary to be a professional law enforcement administrator rather than another facile, retail politician. Only one candidate is truly qualified.