Letters to the Editor

Jean Okuye: Take care with that cap-and-trade money

I couldn’t agree more with the Merced Sun-Star’s opinion on May 2, “Our region’s air is worst in state; put that money here,” about the need for cap-and-trade funds for the Central Valley. Wise investments of cap-and-trade money here will help solve many health and environmental problems that have plagued our community for decades. For example, sustainable and organic farming practices could be rewarded and lead to lower greenhouse-gas emissions and cleaner water and air. Using some of the money to protect farmland and prevent sprawl will lower smog and emissions from cars and urban development. Financing renewable energy projects on farms will cut energy costs for growers while moving away from dependence on fossil fuels.

With a bit of financial encouragement, farmers in the valley could adopt practices that give us these much-needed win-win solutions.