Letters to the Editor

Bill Smith: Adams gets former treasurer’s vote

As former Merced County treasurer-tax collector, I can tell you that it is one of the most overlooked, and yet most important, jobs around. Karen Adams has carried the responsibility for the treasury investments for the past 17 years. It is not luck that has kept Merced County from experiencing some of the losses incurred by other counties during this time. Sound investment strategy demands training, knowledge and experience. Only one candidate on our ballot has those qualifications.

It is no coincidence that all four candidates for the office of Merced County sheriff have solid backgrounds in law enforcement. The voters would never consider placing someone with no law enforcement experience in that important position; nor should they consider choosing someone with no investment experience to handle (on a daily basis) 700 million of their hard-earned dollars.

This is a vote for Karen Adams: She is a sound investment in our financial health, and a sound investment in our future.