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Michael Fincher: Spring break and tea party

Before UC Merced students went home and on vacation for spring break, many decided to give back to the local community.

UC Merced's Rotaract, the Rotary club for students, held a Bobcat Attack in the local community.

Instead of wild college students pillaging through Merced, the Bobcat Attack consisted of dozens of students volunteering for community service.

For more than seven hours, these students worked very hard to clean up the local community and to make it a better place.

During spring break, many students went home to relax, part, and catch up on work, but 11 students, including myself, decided to go backpacking around Hetch Hetchy reservoir in Yosemite National Park.

Instead of watching television and eating good food, we spent four days hiking around 30 miles, sometimes on trail, and sometimes off-trail.

We spent the days hiking, scrambling up rocks and trekking through the snow.

For fun, we had massive snowball fights and picked the hardest routes to climb up boulders or mountains. Though there were many scratches, bruises, and sore feet, the trip was well worth it.

When we got back, the first thing on everyone's mind was pizza. After four days of dehydrated food, we couldn't wait to eat "normal" food again.

Though I love fresh food, I was not looking forward to all the e-mails I would have to read when I got back.

A little tea party

The College Republicans are working on an event for the whole community. Lately, there have been events called Tea Parties, which are occurring all over the nation.

These events are the modern day Boston Tea Parties and are nonpartisan rallies for the public to demand government financial responsibility.

These events are for citizens to stand up and demand representation in Congress before being taxed, and to demand that our legislators read legislation before they pass it.

Those who attend these rallies believe that the government should not spend money they do not have.

These rallies focus on taxes, and demand that our government not spend trillions of borrowed dollars, that our children and grandchildren will have to pay off.

The current national debt is more than $11.134 trillion. The debt is expected to almost double in the next ten years. A recent report showed that every citizen currently owes approximately $36,000 to Uncle Sam, and that every newborn this year already has to fork over $22,000.

By 2019, every citizen will owe around $50,000 to the government to pay off the debt.

We were inspired by the success of other groups and decided to plan an event for Merced. We will hold it on campus on Tax Day, April 15, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We will join more than 300 cities nationwide, and more than 40 cities throughout California who are also holding these events.

Sacramento is expecting 30,000 at its rally.

The whole community is invited, and we hope you come.

In fact, many outside of Merced County have already RSVP'd.

We will be selling food, drinks and will have a raffle featuring UC Merced gear and some great books.

If you are disgusted by the figures presented above, please join us on campus.

If you would like to bring your own picket sign, feel free.

If you need sign ideas, have questions, or would like to volunteer, please contact CollegeRepublicans@ucmerced.edu, and visit our Web site at MercedTeaParty.com.

We need as many people as possible to make this event a success.

Michael Fincher is a student at UC Merced.